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One can spend time thinking about the future and the past. It is so easy to get caught up in what one can do or could have done better, and without taking merit away from this consideration- because reflection is important, being able to focus on 'right now' is powerful. Give things your all, and believe in yourself.

I am in my last year of Engineering at Massey University. I am studying Mechatronics which is a funky hybrid of electrical and mechanical where we do not go into as much depth as either of these majors, but we do develop a strong understanding of practical engineering thinking and field integration. I believe highly in this as introduces opportunities in one's area of expertise.

My Interests
  • Skiing
  • Tramping
  • Firmware Engineering & Electrical Development
My Achievments
  • Awardee of Massey University Vice Chancellors Exellence Scholarship
  • Awardee of Ken & Elisabeth Bursary for Engineering