Some interesting projects...

I'm a fan of getting hands-on and making things. I've worked with some amazing people in manufacturing environments and one of the biggest takeaways that sets the tone of my portfolio list very well is:" If you can't buy it, make it."It's an ethos that works on a lot of levels, Notably, it is important to develop your skillset and invest in one's education.

SCARA Sorting Robot

This team project uses electronic, mechanical and pnumatic systems to sort nuts made of different materials.

Toyota MR-S Redevelopment

Reconditioning and manufacuting of custom mechanical components and electrical systems for use in my 2001 Toyota MR-S

Ergonomic Docuument Viewer

Literature viewer for late night reading with a which focuses on removing strain from ones eyes without making everything big and having the work environment feel cluatrophobiuc.

Programming Tutorials

Assisstance and conept breakdown of complex programming ideas and theory into bite sized videos for easy of understanding. I specalise in low level embeded system development for large and small scale systems.